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Important Battery Safety Info
Switching a manual battery ON/OFF: Press the button quickly and firmly 5 (five) times.

Charging the battery: Attach the battery to the USB charging adaptor provided, then fully
charge until the USB light turns GREEN.

ONLY use the official USB charger and plug.
Do not over-charge.

If you live within a household or share a working environment with other electronic cigarette users, make sure you are using the correct charger for the device you wish to charge.

Do not carry your Electronic Cigarette in your trouser pockets. This can cause them to snap or become damaged and will invalidate any warranty.

Warning: Never leave a charging battery unattended or charge on flammable surfaces/materials. Refer to safety guidelines. Alternate the batteries, as uncharged or unused batteries may fail.

Maintenance: Keep the battery connections and USB connection clean by wiping lightly with a tissue.

Your battery has a two month warranty from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

Replacements: Batteries and tank units will not last forever. If your battery is fully charged but the tank does not produce vapour or the vapour is significantly reduced you will need to replace the tank. If the battery is fully charged but requires further charging after little use; this indicates that you will need to replace it.

Safety information: Not to be used by persons under the age of 18.
Do not dispose of the battery in fire or heat. Do not leave the battery near a heat source such as fire, cooker or heater. Do not immerse the battery in water or snow. Keep in a cool dry place.

If your battery or charger becomes damaged or is leaking or emitting excessive heat, do not use.
Batteries must not be disposed of with your normal house hold waste collections. Please return them to us and we will dispose of them in the correct way. Dispose of responsibly. “Recycle-more” offers advice for recycling at home … www.recycle-more.co.uk

Tips and Tricks

Electronic cigarettes are made up of a small rechargeable battery, an atomizer (a tiny heating coil), and a cartridge. The cartridge contains filler (usually poly-fill ) which is soaked with a flavoured nicotine liquid. When activated, the battery provides power to the atomizer, which gets hot enough to vaporize the liquid. This vapor is then inhaled like smoke from a cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are much less expensive than traditional cigarettes. The initial cost for the equipment is a bit higher, but the 'running' cost is so low that you will 'get it back' in a couple weeks. Depending on how much you smoke and the cost of the  product you favour, electronic cigarettes can average out up to 75% less per month.


First time charging is always longer according to battery size. So please follow the instructions in the Kit. Even after the led turns green continue to charge for those extra hours stipulated.
When the led flashes repeatedly your battery needs to be re charged.
Clean the screw 'threads' on the battery unit regularly to ensure optimum connectivity. This is quite important, try and keep your parts free of dirt and dust.
Always keep a spare fully charged battery. Most kits come with two.

510 Atomisers

To 'start up' the atomiser we recommend you always drip a drop or two of E-juice straight into the centre of it and then fit your filled cartridge on before taking short, deep, frequent inhalations until it gets going properly. An atomiser CAN take a while to 'break in'.
Make sure the atomiser is never dry when you inhale. This will shorten the life. Keep your atomiser clean. Including the screw in part.

Ego-T Atomiser Cone

Certain flavour e-juices are more viscous than others so may clog the wick inside your atomiser more quickly. Each night instead of emptying your ash tray unscrew the atomiser and blow through 'battery end' carefully onto a tissue to clear. Place it upside down for night so it can drain if needs be Clean the screw 'threads' with a soft tissue every couple of days. Atomisers are a consumable product. They function best for the first 300 'drags' after which there may be a lessening off of vapour. Always keep at least 2-3 spare. Compared to the cost of smoking this is still an economy!! 


These can be re-filled with different e-liquids and once you get the hang of it it's easy. The original filler, whilst being fine initially, can tend to leave filaments caught inside the atomiser thus causing a burnt taste and/or clogging the wick etc which can damage the life of the equipment.
We recommend you eventually invest in some Blue Foam Filler (Accessories page) which you can cut to size ,is easily rinsed when needed and is a great 'conductor'? for the E-juice. Best of all it never sticks to your Atomiser!

To fill:Take the 'filler' out with a tweezers. (If there is residue just rinse under tap and squeeze till dry in a paper towel). Drip 8-9 drops into empty cartridge case. replace filler and tamp down below the lip of case. drip 3-4 times onto top of filler and soak up any residue with tissue then make sure filler is positioned just inside lid. Replace onto atomiser. 


These are atomiser and cartridge combined. So basically a heating filament surrounded by 'filler'. To fill you can either drip through the hole on the top or bottom of the Cartomiser.. If the it has a soft cap just remove  and drip in the e-juice the way you would pour a Guiness, tilting the cartridge and pouring down the side until the filling is soaked.

Trouble Shooting

When inhaling on an E-cigarette you need to take long slow drags. It's not like 'puffing' on a cigarette. Some automatic battery models will have a cut off point and will flash if you take too long a drag.

  1. Burnt taste :- make sure your cartridge is moist/make sure there are no filler fibres caught in your atomiser/if new atomiser may be initial primer which will fade after usage.

  2. Not producing enough vaper :- check battery is fully charged/clean atomiser/if it is new equipment keep vaping and it will start to get going with time/if atomiser has been used continuously for a time replace ( atomisers can last as long as 2 months or as little as 2 weeks depending on care & usage).

  3. Flooding (when inhaled you get e-juice in your mouth):- spit it out and rinse mouth/make sure there isn't excess liquid in the atomiser/shake it out/blot cartridge with tissue to remove excess.

  4. Battery not working/charging:- Please check that the battery is clean at the connection point. Often fluff, grit etc collects there. OR make sure the button on manual batteries is not pressed in too hard and stuck!

  5. If all of the above hasn't worked then contact us at Vaper Trails for help!

Useful info on Nicotine:    www.mhra.gov.uk/Publications/Consultations/Medicinesconsultations/MLXs/CON065617
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