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Hi just like to say that i got my order fast delivery and they taste very good very happy i will be buying from you in the future i will let everyone know about your company as i recommend you all the best from David Forde. 16/02/2013

I have to say your service is brilliant, i have ordered 3 times from yourselves, 
normally on a weekend and my order is always here by the Tuesday. 
I love the email updates too. You got yourself a regular customer and would
recommend you.
Many thanks Jenny 11-2-13

Wow what a service and products definitely use vapor trails as my number one vapour
David 24/10/12

Hi, to you lovely people at vapour trails :) i today recieved my ego-t & would just like 
to say how excellent your service & products are i have just ordered more e-liquids,
i think i will be trying quite a few of the flavours :) once again thank you for a wonderful 
customer experience Mrs Denise Reeves 3/12/12

Dear Vapertrails. Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the 
Ego 1100 Tanko. I have tried many e-cigs since quitting cigarettes in 
January, most of which are very good. However, the Ego 1100 Tanko is 
outstanding..the best yet! I am particularly impressed by the amount of 
vapour it produces and the quality of the product is superb. The service 
by the Vapertrails staff is absolutely excellent and delivery is so fast! 
Thank you Vapertrails and I look forward to continued business with you.
Rob Gardiner 21/10/12

Dear Vaper Trails,
 I'd like to say how totally impressed with your service, products and 
delivery speed i am. I ordered a tanko for myself and my wife yesterday 
and they turned up this morning and fit our EGO-T e-cig perfectly. They 
also work so much better than the refillable cartridges it came with and 
I'm not losing e-liquid through leakage anymore.
 So a massive thanks to your company and myself and my wife will be 
continuing to use your company for further purchases in future as we're 
both extremely impressed with the tanko's and also the cases we bought 
from you previously.
Grey Green 16/8/12

Just a note to say thank you very much for your quick and efficient service. As always I'm amazed by how quickly I receive my order.
Thank you also for including the new tank for me to try, loved it!!! Unfortunately my husband has now claimed it so please let me know how I can purchase one.
Kind regards and thanks again
Ann Marshman 

Been off the cigs for three weeks now and very happy with the vaping experience.

Smoked since I was 15 so for 32 years!!! E-Cigs are the common sense alternative, in my opinion.

I tried a couple of devices within my first two weeks of vaping and then visited Vaper Trails in Bournemouth.

Rarely do I feel tempted to recommend a product or service but I do in this instance. Very welcoming and     
friendly owners selling excellent products. Chargers and batteries checked before I left the premises and 
was given the oportunity to try flavours of juice.
I now have a brilliant Ego-T with Tank.

No leaks
Good battery life
Takes seconds to re-fill
Amazing vaping experience

These guys known what they are doing and I wish them all the very best.

Yours...a very satisfied customer.

Ian. 26/05/2012

Dear Vapertrails,

I would very much like to say a BIG THANK YOU from all off us in Germany with the Forces, Most of us have been smoking for a
good 20 yrs,the Ecig Works, You have been so kind to Many of us and has become Friends to many of us as well, alway very fast
with your delivery and support when we need will be glad to know that we have all stuck to the Ecig even in hard times,
the Ecig does work i would advise anyone who is wanting to stop. So like i said a BIG THANK YOU!!

Much love

Sand and all off us over seas xxx

Much love Sandie 26/10/2011
Dear Vapertrails,
I have smoked around twenty a day for the last eighteen years and occasional attempts at giving up have resulted in disaster
for me and those around me, as I morphed into an foul-tempered evil twin of myself who would stop at practically nothing to
get a cigarette. Recently I reluctantly promised my partner that I would try to give up as he had done some months previously.
The reason I am sharing this with you is that when I bought your product I did not really want to give up, nor was I really ready
to do so - normally a recipe for disaster. I had also previously tried other electronic cigarettes and found them to be a huge
letdown. I used my new midi cigarette alongside my normal ones at first and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it made
it to cut down. I finally decided to take the plunge and stop altogether, and have not smoked for a month. Even more amazingly
I have been so calm of temper that I have on several occasions had to point out to my partner that it's supposed to be my time
to get ratty, not his! Even when I've had a very bad day and am convinced that only a 'real' cigarette will do, one puff on my midi
and all is fine.
I would also like to say a huge thank-you for the service you have given; not only is your service amazingly fast and the quality
of the goods excellent, but you have also dealt with any queries / problems I have had with speed and charm. It now gives me
great pleasure to recommend you to others knowing how satisfied they too will be.
Karen H. 10/10/2011

Hi Vaper Trails
What a brilliant system, I've tried others without any real success but the kit you have given me works a treat.
Not only have I stopped my craving for burning tobacco, the Caramel fluid prevents my craving for sweets.
Thanks to you all.
Bob Oxenbury. 19/07/2011

Dear Vapertrails, I have been a smoker for 30 years now. Not any more since I came across your Riva electronic cigarette
in the market in Wimborne, 3 months ago. I liked the fact that I could still do the actions for smoking and still get my nicotine hit,
and lots of Vapour without the crap in roll ups. Once again thanks for offering me an alternative to smoking &
therefore inadvertantly helping me to quit. I will forever be in your debt. Yours sincerely P.A Hyde. 16/07/2011

Dear Vapertrails, I just cannot believe my husband has given up smoking after 40 odd years. I have tried loads of aids
to help us give up before, but nothing has been successful. I have just had my lounge, dining room and kitchen
re-decorated, & it is so nice to have a smoke free home, it has made the whole house look cleaner and brighter.
Our energy levels have increased, and even my skin looks clearer. I was told I had to give up smoking, for health
reasons, and I am so pleased I came across your stall at Wimborne Market on a cold Sunday morning in
February. Thank you so much for your quick, helpful and efficient service, whenever we need more Juice for our
Vapertrails Riva's. Regards Diane Banks 5/5/11

Hi Vapertrails, This is best investment me and my wife have ever made. A £120.00 saving per  week.
We have loads of friends who have taken up vapeing - smoking no longer needs to be a social activity
as this is the new and ultimate replacement to every smokers needs. 11 weeks without a cigarette and
i feel great, no persistant cough, no weight gain, better sense of taste and smell and physical fitness
improved. Highly recommended to any smoker (you will not believe how easy it is to stop).
Colin Whitehead - Armed Forces, Germany 30/1/11. Former 40/day man)

Dear Vapertrails, Just to say thanks for the quick delivery of my order and a massive thank you for the free cart filler,
it may not seem like much to some, but to me it is greatly appreciated and a sign of excellent customer service.
A small gesture but one that has just gained you a customer for as long as I vape. Many thanks : Stephen G )

Hi, Just to say thank you for a speedy, hassle-free transaction.
cheers pat comber. 5/4/2012


Just had to contact you to say how amazing your product is. I have been a heavy smoker (20-40 a day) for 
over 35 years, never going a day without a cigarette.

Its has now been 11 weeks since my last cigarette and can't beleive how easy it has been. 
All my family and freinds can't beleive it as    most of them gave up years ago and always said that I would never do it.

I have worked in Gibraltar for 25 years so did not have the financial incentive that people have 
in the U.K. to stop, also in Gibraltar one can still smoke nearly everywhere including all bars and the casino.

I would recommend this electronic cigarette to anyone.

Thanks for your help
Wendy Aird 13/4/2012

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