50ml # numbers range

10 delicious flavours consisting of 50ml of Zero liquid plus a 10ml Nicotine shot you can add if you wish. Making  60ml of 3mg strength.

Flavours available are:
#No1 Smooth dark berries with a touch of aniseed and a hint of menthol.
#No2 A childhood favourite, strong smooth strawberry taste with chewit sweets.
#No3 Crispy baked Danish Whirl dessert.
#No4 A delicate blend of 10 different exotic fruits with a taste of it’s own.
#No5 Fruit Salad, the penny sweets we all had when we were young.
#No6 Biscuity all day dessert with a hint of lemon.
#No7 Light berries and juicy melons.
#No8 Our version of the classic Heisenberg.
#No9 Classic Rhubarb custard sharp and sweet.
#No10 Like a rainbow of skittles in your mouth.
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